This cookie has a very funny story behind it. My best friend Deanna and I were hanging out in October, and while baking another item we decided it would be a good idea to make rugelach dough as well. Because of schoolwork and gymnastics and classical viola, I barely had any time to bake as it was, so certainly I couldn’t do a roll-out cookie such as rugelach! So this dough went into the freezer, and now I finally got a chance to make this traditional Jewish cookie.

Rugelach is conventionally a cream cheese dough (such as this one) and I made 2 batches- one with raspberry jam on the inside and one with a layer of brown sugar. The cream cheese dough was very good, but if it had sat overnight rather than in the freezer for a few months, I’m sure that it would have turned out even better. All in all, this was such a fun cookie to make, and they’re just too cute as well!

Rugelach- Dough from CIA Baking and Pastry

Makes about 30 cookies

I don’t feel comfortable giving you guys the recipe, but rather I encourage you to buy this spectacular book that will teach you all of the basics of becoming a spectacular baking and pastry connoisseur.

For the filling, I just used raspberry jam (you can use whatever flavor you would like!) in one batch, and I used just a thick layer of brown sugar in the other. I would add something to the brown sugar to make it adhere better next time, and probably add some sort of crunchy element (i.e. nuts).

Off to bake with my new treasure, the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking Book!:)

-Rayna 🙂


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